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Annual 2019 Issue

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The Local Tourist Guide & Directory is a annual publication geared to local residents of Windsor & Essex County as well as visitors to our are looking to explore all the great things our region has to offer. It recognizes the trend towards shorter and more frequent vacations, staycations and weekend getaways noting that the biggest influx of tourists to the area is still made up of people visiting their family and friends.

The Local Tourist Guide & Directory features articles, tips and facts about our area's history, arts and entertainment venues, scenic destinations, culinary delights and sporting events. Also included is a directory of retailers, service providers and businesses in the hospitality industry that support local tourism in our communities. It also connects our residents and visitors to a vast array of products and services specific to their interests ion shopping, food, entertainment, leisure and community activities.

This publication is designed as a reference guide to be retained year round giving it a long shelf life. It is also intended to be a valuable resource passed to family, friends and visitors to our area. It is offered free of charge and distributed twice a year to over 100 locations within Windsor & Essex County. 

The Local Tourist

Guide & Directory